Good Intentions Vs Real Life

Published on: 30 August 2019
By admin

As we are coming to the end of August and for some the end of the summer holidays, how has it gone for you? I had good intentions for this summer, as the children are that bit older, I would really keep on top of my fitness and make great strides towards my health & fitness goals.

The month started off well, as some of you will know, I signed up for a “virtual running challenge” aiming to complete 50 miles in August.  I started off well and was enjoying regular runs on my treadmill, and by the 10th of August I had run 15 miles and felt positive about completing the challenge.  I then spent a week away with the family in a caravan and despite good intentions I only managed to go out once for a run whilst we were away.  The following week I was poorly (another week lost), followed by another week away with family and my trainers didn’t see an outing and this week has just flown by, with last minute outings, chores and work, so I haven’t completed the 50 mile challenge I had signed up for and set myself.

I feel a little disappointed that I haven’t completed the Challenge, as I had high hopes at the start! I did think it was ‘do-able’ but now I realise it was a stretch, from running 3 miles during the whole of July to running 50 miles in August, but if I hadn’t signed up for the Challenge I know I wouldn’t of managed the 20 miles that I have actually achieved.  I think it is important to say that I don’t regret entering the Challenge and I know I will sign up for another challenge, as for me it is a real motivator, having goals and challenges to keep me focused. Whilst I haven’t made the great strides forwards that I had hoped for, in terms of my health & fitness goals, I have had a brilliant summer with my children doing plenty of activities including swimming, tennis, golf, high ropes, kayaking, paddle boarding, aqua park and hill walking.

At the end of the month I have taken the time to review what I have achieved and I am now working out what my goals will be for September and the coming months.  I am super excited and motivated about this!

Goals are important and when you achieve them it is so rewarding but don’t be down hearted if you don’t achieve what you set out to do, life sometimes gets in the way and instead you might end up doing something you wouldn’t of dreamt of doing instead.

Here’s to September and an awesome month ahead!

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